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Letter from Krassimir Manev

Dear Colleagues,
The time is going and we approach the days of  IOI’2009. That is why I would like to inform you about some news about the organization and to ask you to help me to in finish Registration procedures:

I. Registration

There are some data in the Registration form that have to be filled as soon as possible in order to help us in organization and to make your arrival and accommodation smoother:

  1. The gender of the participants is important for distribution of rooms – I would not like to decide the gender by the picture and even less by the name.
  2. The birthday of the contestants is important because the Regulations that limit the age but. It is not fatal if you do not fill it now but filling will save time during the Registration on site.
  3. The pictures of the participants will be printed on the badges and probably in a brochure. So we will need all pictures as soon as possible too.
  4. Please fill asked attributes of your Passport or Identification Card (for EU citizens) in order to arrange Hotel formalities before your arrival and not to lose time on the Receptions of the Hotels.
  5. Enter the exact attributes of your flights (flying company, code of the flight and the time of landing). If you travel not by airplane but by train or bus – describe in Notes the way you will travel and expected time of the arrival in order to meet you.
II. Arrival and Accommodation
  1. All delegations that will land in Sofia Airport after 22:00 on August 7-th will be met in the Airport and transported by buses to Plovdiv. Please, follow the format of the data as mentioned above the field (dd.mm.yyyy and hh:mm).
  2. All delegations that will land in Sofia Airport before 22:00 on August 7-th have to arrange first their accommodation for the extra night(s).
  3. “Novotel Plovdiv” will be able to accommodate you for 108 EUR for person per night. If the price is unacceptable, you could contact the marketing department of the hotel – Ms. Anastasiya Somova (phones and e-mail are published on the site, link Accommodation) – in order to search more cheap offer for you in Plovdiv. In such case the marketing department will arrange your transport from Airport to the hotel in Plovdiv.
  4. If you arranged the accommodation yourself, please to mention in Notes the name and the address of the Hotel and the buses will come to pick you up from the Hotel. In such case we will inform you for the time of your departure from the Hotel when the schedule of the buses is ready.
  5. As you know, we will use two hotels – “Sankt Peterburg” and “Novotel”. The preliminary idea – all persons that will participate in GA (Leaders, Deputy Leaders, Observers, IC, ISC and HSC) could not be implemented because the total number of these persons passed the number of beds. The decision of the Organizing Committee (without alternative) is to accommodate all Observers as well as the Visitors and Adjuncts in “Novotel” with exception of the spouses (wives or husbands) of the accommodated in “Sankt Peterburg” Leaders, Deputy Leaders, IC, ISC and HSC members. Having this decision made we could announce the possibility the fees of 900 EUR of accommodated in “Novotel”, as well as the payment for extra night(s) accommodation in “Novotel” to be transferred in the bank account of the hotel:
ADDRESS :             2 Zl. Bojadjiev Str., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
BANK ADDRESS:  4 Vassil Levski Str., Plovdiv
IBAN:                        BG77UNCR76301441510616
BIC:                           UNCRBGSF
The IOI registration fee of 200 EUR and the fees of the mentioned above spouses have to be paid in cash. All fees not transferred by bank accounts have to be paid during the registration in the Hotel - cash or by “popular” credit cards (bank checks are not accepted). 
III. Others
  1. I would like to remind you that a “beta” version of the competition software (live DVD) is published on our web site (the link News) and to suggest to burn this software on DVD-disk and to distribute among your students in order to be acquainted with the software. The resent version of the Olympiad Schedule is also published on the site.
  2. In August we will be in the middle of the Bulgarian summer – we could have shining, hot, and even burning sun. And we will have an excursion to the see side where these factors are even more expressed. So we would like to suggest participants to bring sunglasses, preferable summer hats, swimming suits and sun-protective creams/oils.
  3. Four excursions will be organized for Visitors and Observers
    • 10.08, to Ethnographic complex “Etara” – old Bulgarian village in Stara Planina mountain demonstrating the live style in XIX century and the different handcrafts practiced in that time. The valley of the Thracian Kings (Thracians are the oldest known population of the nowadays Bulgarian territories) will be visited on the back way;
    • 11.08, to Bachkovo monastery – one of the best conserved old Bulgarian monasteries, summer residence of some Patriarchs of the Bulgarian church;
    • 12.08, to Starosel vinery (with tasting of Bulgarian wines) and  famous Starosel Thracian tomb;
    • 14.08, to Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria – with visiting of the National Museum and other interesting places.
    Excursions are “whole day” with an out of Hotel Lunch during the excursion. The Visitors and Observers will be asked to point implicitly (in a supplied form), during the registration in the Hotel, the excursions in which they would like to participate.
  4. The traditional “Ouzo party” of the Leaders will take place too. More experienced people know what this means. 
All this days till the start of IOI I’ll be on your disposition to answer your questions and to help to arrange all arising problems. When necessary I’ll issue such “circular” announcements to keep you informed and will publish them on the site (link News) to be available when necessary.
Best regards and see you soon
Kr. Manev, member of  IC of  IOI,
Deputy Chairman of  IOI’2009
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